Readings & Events

Launch: There Is No Blue

Martha in conversation with Kyo MacLear about There Is No Blue

Monday November 6, 2023 — 7:00 PM
Type Books – 883 Queen street West

The Coach House Group launch of their fall books

Wednesday October 11, 2023 — 7:00 PM
Society Clubhouse – 967 College street


Pedlar Press Readings

In a virtual event hosted by Beth Follett of Pedlar Press, Martha reads from Sister Language and The Search for Heinrich Schlögel

Watch it now >>

The Ottawa International Writers Festival

Streamed event still available online!

Musical Language
with Martha Baillie, Stuart Ross, and Maria Reva

Writersfest and Analogue Music Series present a very special collaboration between three authors and three local composers. Each composer—Adam Saikaley, Noora Nakhaei, and Kevin Reeves —was asked to read and musically respond to books by Martha Baillie, Stuart Ross, and Maria Reva.

Friday, October 18, 2020
Streaming at 7:00 PM

Learn more about the composer Noora Nakhaei and the performers Edana Higham & Zac Pulak – SHHH!! Ensemble

Listen to a repeat performance, live in a Toronto church – “Echoes of the Past” at about 12:20.

Boneshaker Reading Series

J.R. McConvey, Martha Baillie, Joe Fiorito

Tuesday, March 10, 2020
7 PM – 8:30 PM

1748 St. Clair Ave West, ON, Toronto


Whale Mind: Language and Schizophrenia

Friday, March 6, 2020
10:45 AM 12:00 PM
60 Murray Street Toronto, ON, M5T 3L9 Canada
Sinai Health System Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Martha Baillie, author of Sister Language, in conversation with poet, Ronna Bloom

Learning objectives;

  1. You’ll see inside the thinking of a highly articulate schizophrenic regarding her relationship to language.
  2. You’ll learn about bridge building between schizophrenics and the “social world.”
  3. You’ll hear poetry used as a powerful alternative means of communication, where linear thought and conversation fail.

Book signing to follow.


Creative engagement with schizophrenia:
A conversation with Martha Baillie & Clem Martini

Thursday December 5
12:00 – 1:00 PM (MST)

Libin Theatre, Cumming School of Medicine
University of Calgary

In this special presentation for the Department of Psychiatry, authors Martha Baillie (Toronto) and Clem Martini (Calgary) will discuss their literary collaborations with siblings who have schizophrenia and talk about how their respective books came into being (SISTER LANGUAGE, by Christina Baillie and Martha Baillie; and BITTER MEDICINE, by Clem Martini and Olivier Martini), what circumstances allowed and inspired those two collaborations, and also the difficulties confronted by families, in terms of the impact of schizophrenia on family relationships, and in working with the medical system.


Wordfest Presents Martha Baillie (Sister Language)

Thursday December 5th, 2019
7:00 PM – 8:15 PM (MST)
Doors Open 6:30 PM

Memorial Park Library, 2nd Floor
1221 2 St SW, Calgary, AB

Don’t miss this honest conversation about love, existence, communication, and the role of language in our relationships. This event is hosted by Clem Martini and includes an on-stage interview followed by an audience Q&A and book signing.

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