Schlogel Archive at the Koffler Gallery:

Martha brings to life her most recent book, The Search for Heinrich Schlögel, through a multi-media installation. … more>

The Search Heinrich Schlogel — composed:

In 2013, the remarkable Canadian composer, Nic Gotham, who lived from September 1959 to July 2013, was commissioned to write a ten-minute work in response to the manuscript of The Search for Heinrich Schlögel. He selected as instrumentation: clarinet, piano, cello, and percussion. It became his final work, and was completed in Kensington Hospice. It is being played for you by cellist Paul Widner, pianist Stephen Clarke, clarinetist Bob Stephenson, and percussionist Rick Sacks who is also the artistic director of Array Music.

The Schlögel Archive, including Gotham’s music, performed and recorded by Array Music, will be “installed” in the Koffler Gallery, Toronto, in Spring 2015.

Images are a few of over 700 postcards collected by Martha, inscribed with the text of her novel, mailed to over 70 friends who in turn read the text into an online archive at


Core Sample:

The novel, bound and published tells one story,  the manuscript another.   One Saturday, I woke, wondering how many rings of growth would be revealed, if I were to drill a core sample  from my manuscript. And if acupuncture needles were applied to certain words, might this improve the narrative flow? I peeled the cover from a paperback copy of the novel, bought a pouch of tobacco, and with a friend rolled cigarettes from the pages, then smoked my words, savouring the remains of each sentence.